Eco Packing Supplies

Biodegradable Packing Peanut – $6.99

There are no plastic or polluting gases used to make these peanuts, our packing peanuts are made of cornstarch. When you are done with these just toss them on your compost pile or spread them on your lawn, & with a bit of water they’ll dissolve in minutes.

To reduce packaging material we sell our packing peanuts in units of full green moving boxes. $6.99 per full box. (2.4 Cubic FT)

Biodegradable Bubble Wrap – Starts at $13.99

Our biodegradable bubble wrap is different from regular bubble wrap in that there are degradable additives that are blended into the plastic. This means that there are no toxic residues that are left behind after the bubble wrap oxidizes, & after it degrades. In fact it only has a shelf life of one year. In other words, it is completely safe for the environment.

  • Sold in 4 sizes

  • Small Roll 35 ‘ x 12″ – $13.99

  • Medium Roll 55 ‘ x 12″ – $18.99

  • Large Roll 80′ x 12″ – $24.99

  • X Large Roll 125 x 12″ – $31.99

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