• Why pack it if you don’t need it! REDUCE-REUSE -RECYCLE The best way to save money is to rid you of anything that is not worth moving. If you are not going to have a use for an item in a new location, have a garage sale or yard sale. Sell it for whatever you can get for it. Recycle it. Donating to a local charity organization is a great option too. If you haven’t used something in more than two years, you probably don’t need it.

    Get a floor plan : of your new house or apartment. Having a floor plan, (even if it is drawn up by you ) can help you plan your move. Mark each room with a color code. You then can mark each moving box with the corresponding color as you pack.

    Label Priority boxes: Your moving boxes may start out very organized but it all can get out of hand very quickly.By doing this, the open first moving boxes will be the first moving boxes to come off the moving truck. This is important because even if you have marked the moving boxes. labeling your boxes open first will provide your essential items right away. Items such as- cleaning supplies-soap-toilet paper- a change of clothes. ..etc. If you skip this the essential boxes could be buried in the moving truck under several other boxes, which would be frustrating

    Happy Moving Friends

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