Why use the Other Box?

Its Simple: The moving process is stressful enough- cut out some stress by using the Other Box. We deliver our reusable moving boxes, and other earth friendly packing supplies. You pack and move, and we pick them up. Our boxes come pre-assembled so you don’t need to spend hours building and taping cardboard boxes. Our recycled plastic moving boxes are water resistant. Organization and packing also becomes easier, our boxes are all the same size.

What about free or used boxes?
Used moving boxes are a more sustainable solution than buying new. However, cardboard absorb lots of dirt, bacteria and other things you really don’t want on your stuff. Each reusable box is thoroughly cleaned with green eco friendly cleaning products after each use. Our drop off and pick-up service also means you’re not driving all over the city picking up boxes.

Price point: The Other moving Boxes save- environment- time- money.

Eco Friendly: Cardboard boxes and paper waste are not environmentally friendly and continue to add to the planets carbon footprint. Cardboard has been and continues to be a huge problem in our landfills . The Other Box is a zero waste moving system. NO MORE-TAPE-CARDBOARD-STYROFOAM PAPER.

Using the Other Box Saves Trees:

The average move requires about 60 cardboard boxes. With an average weight of 1.3lbs per box, the typical residential move would use approximately 80lbs of cardboard. We knew there was a better way to move that was not only more efficient but significantly reduced our carbon footprint. the Other Box idea is simple. If just 50 people per month were to switch to using our delivered reusable plastic green boxes instead of cardboard boxes, then 2 tons less paper per month and a whopping 24 tons less paper per year would be consumed. Over the course of just one year, the Other Box customers would have a direct effect on saving trees, landfill space, and carbon emissions.

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