About the Other Box

Don't let this be the result of your move.

REDUCE. Utah’s better way to move!

Our purpose is to make your move as easy and affordable as possible while minimizing the impact on the environment. The environmental impact of cardboard is significant -(See cardboard facts) and all too often boxes are bought new used once or twice and thrown away. One way to reduce the waste of cardboard is to ‘think outside the cardboard box ‘in your move for you home or business. NOW there is a better way! the Other Box is making your next move GREEN for the great state of Utah.

Efficiency – Accomplish more with less!

We can all do our part to make a difference. By implementing methods that are less wasteful, more efficient, and cleaner. We are doing our part as individuals to make a real impact. We have all seen the impact of having a throw it away mentality. Overflowing landfills, Polluted water, & Dirty air. the Other Box cannot solve all of these , but we can join those who are making a difference and see results. With the Other Box you make a difference in how much waste is produced next time you move. In fact with our method the waste is close to zero.

Our green moving boxes can be used between 300 and 400 times. Thats incredible efficiency! Plus our boxes are made from 100% post consumer plastic waste. When our boxes actually do bite the dust we send them back to the manufacturer for the same process of recycling. It makes sense that we change our idea of how we pack and move.


the Other Box is continually looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious. We feel that we have the responsibility to the residents of Utah to keep on looking for ways to be more efficient, sustainable, & responsible. Here at the Other Box we care locally what you think.

the Other Box is a local company & we encourage your honest comments. How can we improve? Please let us know send us your thoughts at info@skipthecardboard.com.

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